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The vast quantities of critical minerals that will be required to support the new global green economy could paradoxically lead to more environmental damage – unless we can find the minerals in the waste of current mining practices.

Crippling power shortages at a time of withering heat waves are forcing the Indian government to call for significant coal imports, reversing a seven-year policy to slash imports and rely on domestic sources for electricity generation.

The shock of seeing South Africa fall to the bottom 10 of attractive jurisdictions for mining investments in the influential Fraser Institute global survey has triggered a welcome recognition by President Cyril Ramaphosa of the urgent need to remove the impediments to the growth and development of the mining industry.

Australia has the world’s largest supply of four critical minerals and is in the top five for many more, so why is it not making the most of them? By Mohan Yellishetty

Indaba is back with a focus on new principles and innovative technologies that can help Africa’s mining industry achieve greater efficiency and sustainability in a world where the transition to a low-carbon future will create increasing demand for minerals and metals.

Home-grown International Graphite’s plan to establish the first mine-to-market graphite business with a sovereign supply chain wholly located in Western Australia have advanced with the signing of a lease agreement for the site of a pilot plant to deliver battery anode graphite for use in electric vehicles, renewable energy storage and other decarbonisation technologies.

(COMMENTARY) China’s desire for energy security poses a stark threat of 20%-plus falls in demand for thermal and coking coal from the Australian exporters currently enjoying a boom.

There’s been no fanfare for iron ore pellet giant Ferrexpo in announcing strong FY2021 financial results for its Ukrainian operations, pointing out they all relate from a “very different time” – prior to the brutal Russian military invasion.

Processing specialist Elmore moves closer to the first demonstration of its unique moveable plant to deliver positive cashflow from stranded and currently uneconomic mineral deposits. John Feary reports

Global miner Vale joins universities in research demonstrating environmental and economic benefits of the sand co-product from iron ore processing to reduce tailings volumes and meet soaring demand for construction material.


Mining Billboard

Insights and analysis from leading industry commentators