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The volume and standard of Australia’s mineral resources and the quality of Canada’s political oversight of the sector have seen both countries take the leading positions in the annual global survey of mining investment attractiveness conducted by Canadian think tank The Fraser Institute.

South African coal exporters have expressed alarm that a declaration of force majeure by the nation’s troubled rail freight operator Transnet over security and legal issues will cause more damage at a time when they are struggling to take advantage of strong global market demand.

The Australian resources sector will benefit from the elimination of tariffs on entry into force for coal, alumina, metallic ores, including manganese, copper and nickel, and critical minerals including titanium and zirconium following the signing of an interim trade agreement with India.

Coal industry leader warns technology choices of different nations, including their need for energy security, affordability and sustainability, must be accepted as part of a global energy transition.

Australia targets further opportunities to develop a critical minerals industry to match its global leadership in mining with the award of initial grants for new projects in the growing critical minerals, electric vehicle and battery markets.

As the world’s leading exporter of both iron ore and metallurgical coal, the key ingredients of traditional steel making, Australia must face the challenges of staying on top of the emergence of advanced green steel technologies that can make emissions-free steel in a world shifting away from metallurgical coal. Originally published in The Conversation.

The Alberta provincial government has confirmed it will not permit coal-related exploration or commercial development on the Eastern Slopes of the Canadian Rockies, dashing the hopes of companies such as Atrum Resources for its flagship Elan hard coking coal, while it develops new land-use planning systems to protect the environment.

The local, regional and global crisis triggered by Russia’s violent military attack on its smaller neighbour Ukraine, exacerbated by the risk of tit-for-tat sanctions, threatens severe repercussions for world economies still struggling to recover from the depredations of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Australian mining industry leaders endorse new $47M program to establish digitally based integrated national system for environmental applications and approvals of development projects.

Australian investors’ growing enthusiasm for exploration, stimulated by booming global demand for minerals and the exhilarating success of explorers such as Chalice Gold Mines, have sent exploration expenditure to record levels.


Mining Billboard

Insights and analysis from leading industry commentators